This FTP server is divided into three major sections:

1. images - contains OS images based upon manufacturer and model number
2. manuals - contains soft copies of manuals that came with your unit.
3. utils - misc utils including versions of RTVPatch and maxtor utilities.

Go to the images folder, then to the specific manufacturer of your unit, then to the model series.
Download the zip image file that you want to use.
Installation instructions and mirroring software are included inside the zip file.

!!!!!! Warning !!!!!!
Do NOT mix drives between the 40xx,30xxx/Showstopper and the 20xx series!!!!!
It will not work! You run the risk of messing up your unit.
However, You CAN change drives between, say a 2020 and a 2003 or even between a 3060 and Showstopper. is for replay4000 & 4500 series recorders that have already been upgraded to 4.3. Earlier software versions will not boot in post 4.3 recorders.

Replay40xximage original and RTV4040 are for Replay 4000 series recorders only.

Pre 4.3 software (image dated Jan 2002). For post 4.3 software use image.

Showstopper& is 3.02 for PVHS1000/2000/3000 and Replay 3000 series recorders (not Replay 2000 series). is 3.0 for Replay 2000 series recorders only (not Showstopper). is for panasonic combo recorders and is 2.0.  3.0 software WILL NOT WORK.

    Useful links:
    RTV hacking project h
    ReplayTV FAQ:
    AVS forum:
    Gary's ReplayTV Upgrade site:

If you have problems with ftp, or would like to share something on this server,
post at AVS forum- you will be noticed...
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